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hello people of earth with internet.
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Fandoms, in order of appearance: Harry Potter, Star Trek (TOS and AOS), Trek RPF, Inception

Mostly, I lurk and comment about fannish things. On the rare occasion, I will write something-- if I do, it will most likely be posted here. Other posts include picspams, random rants with little relevancy to most anything, fanfic recs/squeeing, fangirling, and other things of little substance. Long things will always be behind a cut. My tags page is currently a godawful mess, but I'm a little anal retentive about keeping my tags organized on delicious.

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I swear I'm not dead!
1. My Kindle comes in the mail in the next couple of days! I may or may not have already emailed the entire Shoebox project + some other fic to it...oh who am I kidding, it will essentially be a fanfiction reading machine.

2. Summer is almost over, which I'm pretty excited about. Kind of a bummer to be away from home-friends, but I didn't get to see them this much this summer anyways due to 'work,' 'travel,' and other lame-ass excuses. I am, however, in desperate need to see school-friends, so it works out.

3. I may or may not be going to see X-Men First Class for the... fifth time this week. I regret nothing.

4. I am absolutely ready to get back to school and out of my parents' house again. I love them dearly, but. ;aslkdfj. NO.

i love my job.
So far, the only bad things about working at camp are:

1. Tick bite on the ass.
2. No time for reading fic.

which is weird, because I really dislike the individual elements of campCollapse ) hope everyone is having a good summer :)

real life is really messing up the time i can spend making fictional characters make out.
So I'm working this summer at a camp as media director-- which is awesome and everything, but it means that I have neither the Internet access nor the time to be in fandom as much as I would like :( BUT I am home for the long weekend which means NO SLEEP MUST READ/CATCH UP ON _PINTO. I'm pretty much giving up on catching up on Tumblr as a lost cause.

If I'm not around much this summer/take a while to respond, that's why !

FIC: Sun from Both Sides
Title: Sun from Both Sides
Author: carmanne Mel
Rating: R (Adult)
Word Count: ~14,000
Category/Warnings: AU, slight angst, deus ex machina, bastardization of Amish culture
Beta: the amazing lousy_science

Summary: Amish AU, taken from the kink meme-- Chris is shooting a movie near an Amish settlement. He meets Zach, a sexually confused Amish man, and they eventually realize a shared attraction. When filming ends Zach must decide if he should leave and shun his community to be with Chris.

A/N: Huge thanks to lousy_science for beta-ing, and for everyone else who has read and commented on the meme. All my knowledge of Amish culture comes from the Internet, so my sincerest apologies to anyone who actually knows what they're talking about.

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sidesCollapse )

Sun from Both Sides 2/2
Sun from Both Sides 2/2Collapse )

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On Wednesday night, my area was hit with some pretty severe weather. My college avoided the worst of it-- just a lot of down trees, none of which hit buildings with people in them-- but my hometown got nailed.

Nine confirmed dead, they haven't found all the bodies yet. My family is fine, my friends are fine, but my neighbors are not. Our town is basically gone.

If you are a person who prays, please pray; remembrances, well wishes, and good thoughts are all welcome too.

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"new post"? You mean you can do that on livejournal? ;)

In my typically classy and highly motivated way, I am currently in the middle of writing a huge-ass paper for a project for my Social Science research methods class-- and by in the middle, I mean I'm trying really hard to start the lit review section and failing epically.

The weather is warmed up, which is a nice change from the freeeeezing winter we had this year, but it's already humid as anything. Thank you, Southern weather. I think there's a thunderstorm coming our way, which explains the godawful humidity that's outside right now.

Since I have last updated this thing, I have acquired a Boy! We've been dating for a little over a month now, although I've known him since I was 13 (that's seven years !)-- it just took us a really long time to get our shit together (and for both of us to have our shit together at the same time).

Now, to go check tumblr again conquer the mountain of homework waiting for me~

snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow
Not only did it snow on Christmas this year, but we got 6-7 inches of snow today! This is Georgia, were a heavy winter is one in which you don't break a sweat in your sweater during the family Christmas pictures, so I'm pretty pumped about the excess of frozen whiteness.

Of course, I'm already moved into my dorm and the roads are frozen over with a good inch of ice, so "food" and "transport" are kind of an issue, but whatever-- I've been hunkered down in the dorm all day. Roommate's been watching Voyager, I've been rewatching XI/reading fanfic, and then we made snowcream. 'Twas delicious. :)

Hope everyone out there is staying warm ! (...or comfortable? I guess it's not freakishly cold everywhere in the world right now?)

one day, i will update this thing with any degree of regularity.
that day, however, is not today.

In other news, life is pretty good thus far (it says something about my state of mind that I immediately checked my phone to make sure I hadn't missed some sort of life-ending phone call-- just one of those per lifetime will do, thanks). I'm already hella impatient for STXII to come out BECAUSE SOME OF THE FABULOUS AUTHORS IN THE FANDOM ARE STRAYING TO OTHER THINGS AND MY MONOGAMOUS FANDOM HEART CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER~~ because, huh, um, I like Trek? A lot.

Also, go read corpus_invictus's Half of my Heart because not only is it a fill for a prompt I left on the kink_meme heartbreaking, but just plain old good. ST big bang is also cranking out some pretty fantastic stuff so far, although having a novella-length fic to read pretty much every day isn't doing wonders for my work ethic-- what else is new?

Um, journal style and userpics probably going through a revamp soon. I hate redoing journal styles, makes me feel like an old fogey who doesn't know how this whole interweb thing works, but it must be done (it was seriously starting to get drab). NEED to revamp my tags page, can't be bothered to give a shit... oh, my life.

And for putting up with what was essentially a useless post-- PICSPAM!

random picspam is randomCollapse )


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