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I swear I'm not dead!
1. My Kindle comes in the mail in the next couple of days! I may or may not have already emailed the entire Shoebox project + some other fic to it...oh who am I kidding, it will essentially be a fanfiction reading machine.

2. Summer is almost over, which I'm pretty excited about. Kind of a bummer to be away from home-friends, but I didn't get to see them this much this summer anyways due to 'work,' 'travel,' and other lame-ass excuses. I am, however, in desperate need to see school-friends, so it works out.

3. I may or may not be going to see X-Men First Class for the... fifth time this week. I regret nothing.

4. I am absolutely ready to get back to school and out of my parents' house again. I love them dearly, but. ;aslkdfj. NO.

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1. I was the same way when I got my Sony Reader. I had the Shoebox PDF already formatted before it even came in the mail, and even three years later, it's still like 80% fanfic. BEST PURCHASE

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